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ただし、ハンディを補って使いやすくするだけのデザインでは、もう人は動きません。 いま、ハンディを可能性と捉え、そこから新しい歓びを生み、人を動かす力となる「ピープル・デザイン」へ。ネクスタイド・エヴォリューションは、世界で活躍するクリエイティブ・ディレクターを中心に、ファッションやインテリアデザイン、スポーツ、エンターテイメントの分野で、ピープル・デザインを広め、ハンディを可能性に変え、意識のバリアを壊し、みんなが当たり前のように混ざり合っている社会を実現していきたいと考えています。

The society in which people naturally connect to each other regardless of handicap. The society has a barrier in their consciousness that prevent accomplishment to the handicap. NexTidEvolution is the social project which will break the barrier utilizing the power of fashion and design. It is different from the existing method which usually discriminates the elderly and physically disabled persons. We will recreate the method in which people casually go outside, share happiness, and naturally connect to each other. However, the present design which only covers disability and gives some help, but does not attract people anymore. Now, we look on disability as possibility, and we create new happiness and "People Design" which motivates the world. With the creative directors who are active internationally, NexTidEvolution spreads the People Design in fashion and interior design, sports, and entertainment areas. It changes disability to possibility, and creates the society in which people naturally connect to each other regardless of handicap.

A part of the profit will be donated to related institutions and artists with disabilities.
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